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Design Indaba Magazine Q211
Italian architect and designer Aram Lello won the Western Cape Furniture Design Competition at the 2011 Design Indaba Expo.

Creative Cape Town 2011
The 2011 round of the WCFI design competition saw Aram Lello win with his design for a community bench. Lello's design address the need for street furniture that can be modular, secure, yet easily replaceable.

Design Indaba Web 2011
Here’s a seating design that could work really well as bench seating system in urban communities. It could work just as well in a gallery, school or suburban garden.

Dwell Media 2011
Initially inspired by a competition for seating with a "shack chic flavour," Aram Lello conceived of a bench system that would work in urban communities as well as in a suburban garden or a gallery. "I give a guide, and then you decide how to use it and how to change it," he says.

Masupatsela / episode 13 / 2009
Winners of the competition, Yi-Jang Tsai  and Aram Lello, are members of the Shoebox Homes board today. Aram’s winning design allowed a small space in Factreton Cape Town to grow bigger without changing the size of the house.

Obrigado Magazine / issue 13 / summer 2009
You hoard magazines, just can’t let go. Problem is, you don’t have the room. Enter architect/product designer Aram Lello, a fella who loves a spatial challenge. His latest caper is a sleek, stackable modular display in Perspex.

One Small Seed / issue 13 / feb 2009
Produced in Cape Town for the rest of the country, the editorial is shame­lessly skewed towards the local market and has a strong commitment to feature and foster young talent.  

Men’s Health Living / issue 17 / july august 2008
Aram deviated from the brief by suggesting that rather than a Wendy house, he construct a simple shell with timber walls filled with sandbags (for thermal insulation) using the low-cost Ecobean system.

Men’s Health Living / issue 16 / june 2008
The clever new piece of furniture is one of architect Aram Lello’s works and its genius is that it combines functionality with great design – it’s a shelf that’s terribly easy on the eye. “Today magazines are treated like books, collected and read and re-read. I wanted to create a dynamic storage solution”. 

Digest of South African Architecture / issue 2007-2008
The two winners of the 36sqm Design Challenge are architect Aram Lello, for space utilisation, and Y Tsai of Tsai Design Studio, for furniture design. The core of Aram Lello’s concept is the creation of choices through adaptable living space that serves the family’s dynamics.

Business week / summer 2007
Design for Better Living. Architect Aram Lello and Y. Tsai of Tsai Design Studio, won the 36sqm Design Challenge with their redesign of a three-bedroom, one-bathroom house occupied by a family of 10. The new plan consists of a versatile living area flanked by two bedrooms, separated by mobile wall partitions.  

Open Architectural Network 2006
Aram's idea of adaptable living space using mobile cupboards and fold-up bed were put to test in an 40 year old RDP house, where a family of 10 lives. Tsai Design Studio collaborated with Aram in the design, detailing and implementations of the concept.